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Saturday, November 14, 2015


Sweet SWAG from Endurance House today
I'm sure being in Heaven with Jesus is so wonderful that Kevin's not paying much attention, but if he did happen to peek in on me today I know he was rolling his eyes.  I know that because last spring as the Carmel Marathon got pretty close, I was already talking about the next goal and I mentioned possibly doing a triathlon next year.  And he rolled his eyes.  And said something like "As if you don't already have enough to do."

Sometimes Kevin would call me ADD and ask why I had to always be doing something, chasing some new goal.  Well I don't have to, but trying new things, learning new things, having new experiences just for the sake of having them; that's all fun to me.  Kevin just wasn't wired that way, so he didn't understand.

I don't know much about triathlons and I'm not a very strong swimmer so I definitely will have to work hard if I decide to do one.  Endurance House was having an informational session on their tri training program today, along with viewing the Kona Ironman Championships, so I went up there to check it out.  I talked to the program director and I came away pretty impressed.

The training program seems kind of expensive, but it also looks like you really get a lot for your money: training program targeted to your goal event, group training (including open water swims), bike fitting, videotaped swim analysis, 15% store discount, practice on transitions, team support at all the local events....  If I decide for sure I want to do a tri next year, I will also do the training.  That way I know I will be prepared and will enjoy the event.

The tri I'm considering is the Go Girl at Eagle Creek in August.  It's just a couple miles from home and I'm familiar with the park; and I hear from lots of people that it's a really good one for first-timers, with lots of support.  If you've been reading our blog for a while, you'll remember that my friend Kathy did this tri as part of a team last year.  She and the rest of her team guest blogged about it for us too: Team Badass Librarians.  Very inspiring!

I know I've already mentioned that I might try an Ultra next year, but I don't think these goals are incompatible.  The tri is in August, and if I did an Ultra it would probably be late fall/early winter.  Also, if you've been reading our blog since year one you will remember I did a month-long Ironman challenge and felt like the biking and swimming really improved my running.  So I think I would come out of this event strong and ready to train for a 50K.

All fun stuff to think about.  I'll let you know for sure what I decide around the end of the year.  And roll your eyes if you want to Kevin, but I hope you're proud of me too.


  1. He's proud every day whether he understood or not

  2. If watching an Ironman isn't enough to push you into "yes", I don't know what will. I'll be cheering you every step of the way. Thanks for the heads up on the Endurance House program. That sounds like an awesome package of perks!