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Sunday, November 1, 2015

NaNoWriMo Begins!

November is National Novel Writing Month, where professionals and amateurs alike try to write a novel in one month.  I've always been fascinated with the creative process, I've been a voracious reader my entire life, and I have even tried to have a few sci-fi short stories published (no luck yet), so I have followed #NaNoWriMo online for several years.  Last year I noticed that some bloggers I follow were using NaNoWriMo to blog every day, because some writers are going more for word count than completed project during November.  So, I have decided to do the same: I have challenged Laura & Cindy to each blog at least twice during November, and I will write a post for all the other days.  We may not be writing the next great novel, but sometimes all it takes is one good idea to spark something.  I hope you will enjoy what we come up with!  We don't have a particular plan or schedule, we are "pantsing it", in NaNoWriMo terms.

Catching Up

Since I last blogged, I've run the Hendricks County Fall Colors 10K, a Back To The Future Day fun run, the final Run(317) race for 2015, and the Brew HaHa Halloween 5K.  October was a busy month, and November is filling up fast, too.  You can read my BibRave review of the Fall Colors 10K here.  It was so fun and so pretty.  I also broke my streak of finishing DFL!

On October 21, to celebrate the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in the Back To The Future movie, Athletic Annex had a "1.21 gigamile" fun run followed by an 80s party.  I had fun planning this outfit, including a shirt I owned and wore in high school.  The earrings and wrist band are also some that I've had for over 30 years now.  The Glitter Skirt is new, but if they'd had them in the 80s I totally would've worn them then too.  Perhaps my taste really hasn't changed that much!  Don't forget, get your own at and use Discount Code HAZEL to save $5!  That code never expires and can be used more than once, so feel free to share!

The Run(317) races are always some of my favorites.  I really like weeknight races: the anticipation all day, and the fun "happy hour" kind of atmosphere.  I enjoy how these races highlight different neighborhoods around the city, too.  I hope next year they do even more of them.

Finally, on Halloween the Don't Care Bears returned to wrap up our Halloween running season at the Brew HaHa 5K. (Link goes to results)  I love running in Carmel; there are just enough rolling inclines to make the race course feel challenging without actually being too hard.  I finished in 36:07 with a pace of 11:39 min/mile and I felt really good.  At the end of the race, we got donuts, popcorn, and a local beer or local coffee.  Yum!  And it was so much fun seeing all the great costumes.

Up Next

I will be volunteering this weekend at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon.  I'm working the Results Tent in the morning with my friend Kathy, and then when our shift is up we are heading over to the Carmel Runners tent to cheer on our friends still running and celebrate with those who have finished.  It should be a lot of fun!

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