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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Blog Survey

Teresa, are you surprised ? Doing the survey day 1!  Here goes;

How has blogging impacted your life?
I honestly havent done it enough to make an impact...yet.  I'm planning on doing more blogging with the hopes of being an official blogger for the Blue Ridge Marathon in 2017.
This year reading my sisters blogs have touched my heart deeply.

What's the favorite post you've written?
My blog after the Savannah marathon.  One of my friends that ran it too said it gave her chills.  I need to read again.

How do you find time to do it all, blogging,  working and having a social life?
I never have enough time.  I work a lot and workout/run almost as much. Ha.  My social life is races and gym functions.

What is something special you do to treat yourself?
Hot epsom salt baths where I also read almost nightly.  Feels great, and reading would be my second love after running.

Do you take spontaneous trips or are you more of a planner?
To those who know me that's hilarious, planner.

Where was your last trip to?
Oak Island, NC  our annual anniversary trip.

Where is your dream vacation destination?
In the US - somewhere like Colorado or Utah, for the running of course.  Over seas-hmmm, so many.  Italy or England.

Weirdest fact about you?
I remember useless details, like what you were wearing when we met 20 years ago...stupid dates that arent important, etc

Knowing what you know now,  what advice would you give your 18 year old self?
That it gets better.

Are you a light packer or a take everything just in case kind of gal?
Again, hilarious if you know me.  Take everything plus more.  It was to my benefit last race though.  I kept trying to pack light, then went back last minute to get another sports bra, you know, in case I needed 4 in one race, when I reached for my laundry on the guest bed I found everything wet.  My overpacking caught a leak in the roof right when we were leavingfor a weekend in which it poured rain all weekend.  That unworn sportsbra saved us