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Friday, November 6, 2015

Monumental Eve

The signs are everywhere!  It's almost time for the Monumental Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K.  One of the biggest races in Indy every year.  I don't have many words in me tonight, so this is mostly a photo blog post.

Above you see one of the many signs posted all over town.  If you aren't already signed up when these signs appear, you probably come down with a bad case of FOMO and end up paying a late registration fee or posting online to find someone with a bib they can't use.

And speaking of using someone else's bib, to the right is my 2014 Monumental Half bib.  That's right, it says "seeded", so you know it's not really mine.  And no, I didn't try to start off in the seeded corral anyway.  I know my place.

Below is is a pic from Monumental weekend 2013.  The weather was amazing.  And I wasn't here.  I was in NC for my lovely niece Starr's bridal shower.

And finally, to the right, another pic of me with my eyes closed.  This time it's the 2012 Monumental 5K.  It was cold, with rain changing to sleet and finally later to snow.  Yuck.  I'd been running less than 5 months at this time.  I almost gave up after this race.  I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't breathe because I was still running with my head down, & I was miserable in the cold. But I had a vision of myself in my head as a runner, and I'm so glad I stuck with it.


  1. My favorite line: "I had a vision of myself ... as a runner." You ARE a runner!

    1. I AM! And it feels as great as I envisioned it would! That's one of the main reasons we started this blog: to tell other people if there's something they wish they could do, they can do it.