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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pre-Race Thoughts on the Mini

Josh on the cover of the 500 Festival Guide in 2000

My friends & family who aren't in the Indianapolis area might be wondering what's so special about this race?

I will try my best to tell you, but it's hard to explain if you haven't visited Indy during the Month of May.  The whole city takes on almost a holiday feel during May - very much like how December feels special because of all the celebrations and special events surrounding Christmas.  Of course the Indianapolis 500 is the big holiday, but celebrations and festivities go on all month.  We have one of the best parades in the country (I'm in it this year - more on that in a future blog post).  We have qualifications and practices all month, Community Day at the track, free concerts, Kids Day and the Rookie Run....  The holiday parties go on all month long.  Kevin & I went to the 500 in 2008, and I've been to the parade, Kids Day, and all the other events many times.  The Mini is the only event I haven't participated in yet, other than as a volunteer.  Once I really began thinking of myself as a runner, I realized I had to do the Mini.  Running from downtown out to the Speedway, doing a lap around the track, and then back downtown is something you can only do during this race, and only here in Indianapolis.  I love this city, and I love this time of year, and I love being a runner.  Combine all three, and that's why this is such a big deal.
500 Festival Parade 2013
To track me during the race, download the free Indy Mini app (Apple or Android) and enter my bib # 30719 into Tracking and Results.
Kevin & me at the 500 in 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Friends of the Lake 5K Photos

Click pic to embiggen

Photos from the Friends of the Lake 5K, Lake Junaluska, NC, April 19, 2014.  There was a great turnout for the race, despite the liquid sunshine at the beginning.  And great support from UATC staff, members & families!  Hope to see everyone again next year.

Photos credits to Kendra Taylor, Justina Goodman, and Urban Athletic Training Center.  Thanks for sharing!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Komen Race for the Cure Weekend Recap

Momma, Teresa, Cindy, Daddy, Janet, Josh
 The tagline for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is "More than a Race", which is very true for our family.  We lost our aunt Dotty to breast cancer in 2002, and it has also affected other relatives, in-laws and friends.  As many of us as possible do this race each year, either in Indy or in Raleigh (or both if we are lucky).

Race Swag!
This was my second year running it, but I've walked it many times.  I was so happy this year that Momma, Daddy & Cindy were able to come to Indy for the race, and that Josh & Janet could take time off work & do it with us.  It was lots of fun walking around the pink village as a family, and enjoying time together all weekend.  Hopefully next time, everyone else can make it too (Looking at you Kevin, Nick, Vikki, Kimmy, Laura, Mark, Tim, Starr, & David.)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friends of the Lake

Next weekend I will be running the Friends of the Lake 5K.  Besides running the race, I am also holding my first gym event not at the gym.  Many members and staff have talked to me about running and wanting to do a 5K this year.  I am encouraging all members to register and meet me there.  There is a race and a walk, so everyone should have a great time.  Free Urban Athletic shirt and team picture for all who attend.
Proceeds from this race go towards keeping up the jogging/walking path.  This is very special to me because I run here all the time.  Its where I ran for the first time with Mark, and where I did most of my marathon training.  I love running here.  So next weekend be cheering me on, as well as my (hopefully) large team.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Teresa's 1Q14 Review

I am one of those either annoying or inspiring (depending on your point of view) people who keep their new year's resolutions & goals.  One way that I do that is by periodically reviewing where I am & making adjustments if needed.  Much like in business & accounting - you don't wait until the end of the year to see if you met or exceeded your budget & financial goals - you review things as you go.  So, with that in mind, here is my 1st quarter review as compared to my original 14 goals for 2014:
  1. Run 451.25 miles.  So far I've run 142.8, or 32%.  Well ahead of 25%, so I may be on track to exceed this goal, barring any injuries or serious illnesses.
  2. Bike 345.80 miles.  I haven't biked any yet, but I plan to get going on this next week when my sister Cindy is in town.
  3. Play 2 rounds of golf with Kevin.  I haven't golfed any yet.  I prefer to wait till it's in the 70's or even 80's.  Kevin has been out several times already though.
  4.  Swim at least once a week from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.  Not there yet.
  5.  Read the Bible through.  I'm reading The Message version this year, and I am 25% through as of this morning.
  6.  Read 26 books for the #Read26Indy challenge.  I have read 7 books, or 27%, so right on track.
  7.  Incorporate strength training into my fitness routine.  Yep, I'm doing this & I'll blog more about it soon.
  8.  Volunteer at 6 events.  I have volunteered at one so far (a fund raiser for the Boner Center), and I have two more lined up so far - a Bourbon Street Running Club event this weekend, and the 500 Festival Parade in May.  
  9.  Collect 21 commemorative t-shirts.  I'm way behind here, I only have 4 so far, which is 19%. I'll have to work harder.
  10.  Run a 5K in under 30 minutes.  Not yet, but I'm really going to work on my speed over the summer.
  11.  Run 2 half marathons.  I am registered for the Mini, and I have 3 others in mind.
  12. Celebrate Kimmy graduating high school, with honors!  Friday June 6th!
  13.  Take better pictures.  I've taken a lot so far; I posted a few of my faves in this blog entry.
  14.  Enjoy all the surprises! Winter, joining Team Blue Mile, new friends...