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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Komen Race for the Cure Weekend Recap

Momma, Teresa, Cindy, Daddy, Janet, Josh
 The tagline for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is "More than a Race", which is very true for our family.  We lost our aunt Dotty to breast cancer in 2002, and it has also affected other relatives, in-laws and friends.  As many of us as possible do this race each year, either in Indy or in Raleigh (or both if we are lucky).

Race Swag!
This was my second year running it, but I've walked it many times.  I was so happy this year that Momma, Daddy & Cindy were able to come to Indy for the race, and that Josh & Janet could take time off work & do it with us.  It was lots of fun walking around the pink village as a family, and enjoying time together all weekend.  Hopefully next time, everyone else can make it too (Looking at you Kevin, Nick, Vikki, Kimmy, Laura, Mark, Tim, Starr, & David.)

Cindy & Josh, getting colorful for the Cure

We had beautiful weather for the race; such a treat after the winter that has hopefully finally ended.  It was sunny & in the mid 40's at the beginning of the race.  I actually got hot & wished I'd worn short sleeves - first time that's happened all year!  I was also feeling very thirsty & wishing I had drank more water & less coffee.  I was really glad to get to that first water station by the Zoo.  Despite being hot & thirsty, though, I had a great run.  I finished in 34:38, beating last year's time of 39:59 by over 5 minutes!  It's a new track record!

Cindy & Teresa, bicycling selfie
 We got to do lots of other fun things together over the weekend.  Cindy flew into town on Thursday morning, and Kevin was nice enough to let her borrow his bike & helmet, so we went downtown and biked around Indy on the Cultural Trail.  Blog readers in other cities, you should be very jealous.  Indy has become so bike-friendly, and the Cultural Trail is an awesome way to get around town.  Cindy was very impressed & wishes Raleigh had something similar.  If we'd had more time, I could have shown her how the Trail connects with other trails & green ways, allowing people to get out to other parts of town & even to the 'burbs.

Josh at Flat12 Bierwerks
3 commemorative t-shirts in 1 weekend
 We also visited Flat12 Bierwerks, where they were tapping Blue Mile Extra Pale Ale.  Blue Mile is the running store where I am training for the Mini, and they collaborated with Flat12 on a tasty pale ale with an extra hoppy finish.  Normally I prefer darker beers, but this one is pretty good.  It's "The Official Beer of the Finisher's Tent", and one will be waiting for me after the Mini in 2 weeks.

Friday we celebrated Daddy's birthday!  We picked up our race packets, then went down to Georgia Street for Food Truck Friday & enjoyed lunch on the boardwalk.  Saturday after the race, we hung out in the backyard enjoying the sun before cooking up bacon & eggs & biscuits & gravy for supper.  We also observed another family tradition - Dunkin' Donuts on race day.  Dunkin' has Peeps donuts right now for Easter!  Aren't they adorable?  We also played a rowdy game of Cranium, where Cindy & I won, but just barely.

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