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We are three sisters, living in three different cities.  We all love to be active, training & participating in events whenever we can.  We started this blog to keep track of our events & activities, hopefully inspiring others to be active too!

TERESA     5K PR 31:55  Half PR 2:45:52  Marathon PR 6:12:23  50K PR TBD

I am the oldest of the Ugly Paxton Sisters, & I live in the Indianapolis area.  I've always loved to be
Half Fanatic #13535
active outside, whether it's hiking, gardening, or just walking the dog.  In June 2012, I started running in order to participate in a 5K in September with a group of runners from my church.  I thought I'd just do the 5K then move on to some new activity, but to my surprise I quickly got hooked on running.  After my husband Kevin passed away in April 2015, running (and blogging) have become my therapy.

I don't run every day, because there are other things I like to do to, but I try to run 3-4 days per week weather permitting.  I also attend a weekly boot camp, occasionally ride my bike, volunteer at a lot of races, and try to find fun free things to do around town.

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    Middle Ugly Paxton Sister, probably the most active in real life, but on the computer the least.  Laura has been running for many years, and competing in many types of events, often placing in the top of her age group.  She lives in Western North Carolina, where we all grew up.  Laura teaches group exercise classes at Urban Athletic Training Center, where she helps many people achieve their fitness goals.


    I am the baby of the Ugly Paxton Sisters.  I live in the Raleigh area, and have since attending and graduating from N.C. State in the mid-90s.  Canton, NC and all of the mountains will always be home to me as well.  In the spring of 2010, I decided that I wanted to be healthier.  I did a Healthy Way program and lost 60 pounds.  Along that path, I discovered that I loved taking spin class, but decided I wanted to get back out on a "real" bike, since I hadn't really been on one since early high school probably.  So in the spring of 2011 I started working with a personal trainer, cross-training, to get my body ready for a half metric century (31.2+ or -).  My first competitive event while training was being on a relay team for a spring triathlon in August, doing 10 miles on a hilly course.  I did it on a mountain bike, because that's all I had.  I completed the event, but within a month my mom had bought me a road bike!  I successfully completed my half  metric century, and had been bitten by the bug.  I completed several similar events in 2012.  Late 2012 I started dealing with some lower back issues, some related to biking, but also old injury and genetics.  I went through physical therapy early this year, and have started back with personal training.  I attempted a full metric (64 miles) just a few weeks ago (June 2013), but my back wasn't as ready as I thought it was.  I made it to 36.7 miles before knowing I needed to stop to prevent more injury and negate all the hard work I'd done to recover.  I will be back out there soon, my trainer thinks maybe another month.  My husband Tim and I are also in a weekly run club.  Tim is the runner, I do it just to get out there and be social...have met a lot of great new people!  I have still never ran an entire 5k without walking some of it, but it's better than doing nothing at all!


    Kevin & Mark - sometimes they join us on the bike trail or the running path, sometimes they are cheering us on from the sidelines, but always their love, support, & encouragement is invaluable.  Without them we could not do what we do.  


    Well we had to get it from somewhere, right?  Growing up, our parents always encouraged us to be active, supporting us in whatever activities we wanted to try.  We often did things as a family - going hiking in the mountains, playing a giant game of light saber hide & seek, or swimming & body surfing at the beach.  We all try to participate together in the Race for the Cure each year if possible.

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