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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

North Salem Old Fashion Days Bike Ride

You didn't see this on the What's Next? tab because it was a last minute decision - I went to North Salem yesterday and participated in the Bike Ride.  Because they also had a 5K Run/Walk and a 10K Run, I was indecisive up until the morning of as to what I was going to do.  When I woke up, though, I felt more like biking than running.  The Bike Ride benefitted the B&O Trail Association - someday we will have a trail running from Speedway to Montezuma.

The Bike Ride had both a 10 mile and 20 mile option.  Since the route was a figure 8, I could decide when I finished the first loop whether or not to continue.  I knew it would be hillier than I am used to riding in Indy, so I wasn't sure how I would feel.

Just as the ride was about to start, someone pointed out to me that my back tire was flat.  The ride volunteers called the SAG truck to come back, while everyone else started off.  By the time my tire was aired up, the other riders had been gone for 10 minutes and were way out of site.  But, the route was well-marked so I started off alone.

Around mile 2, I caught up to and passed 6 riders at a very steep hill.  One was walking up, and the others appeared to be waiting on her.  After that, I didn't see anyone else until about mile 9.  It was cloudy & foggy, and riding alone on those country roads I found myself imagining that might be how it would feel to be out there alone after some apocalyptic event.  Clearly I read way to much science fiction. 

According to the Runkeeper app I was using, the first loop ended up being 11.5 miles, not 10.  I was still feeling good as I approached the start/finish, so I kept going on the second loop.  I caught up to a few other riders, but they might have stopped for a rest/snack before heading out too.  I didn't stop between loops because I figured once I stopped I wasn't going again. 

The second loop was 10 miles as advertised, so all total I ended up riding 21.5 miles.  Afterwards, we were treated to breakfast, which had been included in the ride price.  I enjoyed orange juice and a ham, egg and tomato sandwich on toast.  Yum! 

1 comment:

  1. And you should mention that's the most you've biked at one time! And I'm very proud that you started out even though you were alone.