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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Baby Sister's 1st Week of Couch to 5K

Today Tim and I went to the Neuse River Greenway so that I could complete Week 1 of my Couch to 5K and so that he could do his long run in prep for his 1st half marathon in October.    This will be a short but sweet blog since running is not my thing!

This 1st week has had me do a warm up walk for 5 minutes, then run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds...repeat for a total of 8 intervals, then do another 5 minute walk for cool-down.  I thought it would be pretty easy since I can already run a mile and sometimes 2 with no walking, but it was more challenging than I thought.  I guess it was more challenging since I was pacing my running over a longer span of time.  But even over the 1st week, I improved my distance while running and overall pace, and so I definitely think a definitive program over something I made up is the way to go for beginning runner.

A bummer today though:  my app on my phone messed up today during my final walk before running and my final my last pace times and total distances run were not accurate.  Should I repeat this last run of Week 1 again or start week 2?  My anal self cannot stand incomplete numbers, plus while I was running I was thinking of repeating this last step again before starting week 2.  Any thoughts?

A couple of things I learned/realized/remembered:  1)  I am a cyclist.  2)  If I run on a Greenway and can hear the river, I get very thirsty.  3)  I can actually run without music.  4)  I will stick with this program.  5)  If I really were a "Couch" runner right now, this 1st week would have been extremely hard.  6)  I am a cyclist (important to repeat)

IMPORTANT:  Thanks to everyone for getting our Facebook page to over 100 likes for our 3 month blog anniversary!  Please share with us what you are doing to inspire us along our journey!


  1. Awesome start! Does your Couch to 5K app not let you play music along with the coaching? Mine did. If you have time to repeat week 1 & still finish by your goal then that's what I would do.

    1. I agree with Teresa on the repeat and definately agree with you on invomplete numbers. Teehee. My training program is proving harder than i thought too. I'm not used to following rules when I run. Week two, however, is in the bag

    2. Oh, I'm old school. I run without music. Its just something else to keep up with