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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Honey Stinger Energy Chews, aka Ready for my 1st Half

Since I liked the honey waffle so well last week, I decided to try another Honey Stinger product this week - the Fruit Smoothie Energy Chews.  I ran 8.9 miles yesterday, and I started snacking on these at about the halfway point.
  • Flavor - These were very good, with a strong fruity flavor and just the right amount of tartness.
  • Texture - These were so far the best of any chews I have tried.  They practically melted in my mouth.
  • Energy - I was feeling pretty good all along during this run and never felt my energy flag at all.  I ate 2 or 3 chews every couple miles from the halfway point on, and my energy level stayed pretty steady.
  • Packaging - I opened it with scissors before starting my run.  I think if I had forgotten to do that, I would've been out of luck.  After opening, the package fit in my belt pocket just right, and the chews were easy to get to while running.
Overall I give these chews an A.  I give myself an A as well.  I treated this last long run like a race day - laying out my outfit the night before, getting a good night's sleep, and getting up early for breakfast.  I felt good during the whole run, and ran the whole thing at a pretty steady pace.  I feel ready for my first half marathon next weekend.  Nervous, for sure, but ready.

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