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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tim Ran 13!

Baby sister Cindy's hubby Tim is training for his first half marathon, and he wanted her to blog about his run this past Saturday.  That particular day was supposed to be 12 miles for him according to the program that he's following, and he went into it feeling good about it since he did very well on his 11 mile run the week before.

The day was very hot and very humid.  I told him to listen to his body if he felt overheated or dehydrated, and he promised that he would.  Meanwhile, I was just doing some brisk walking and then had a book to read while I waited for him.  I will admit that I was a little nervous for him, as I was sweating like crazy just from my walking (4 1/2 miles).  I said quite a few prayers for him.  I noticed while I was reading that the sky was getting dark with storm clouds.  Then it started pouring.  I looked at my watch and knew he would have at least 3 or 4 miles left.  All I could do was continue to wait.

Well, after 2 hours and 7 minutes, I saw him running back toward me and cheered him on.  I told him that was a great time, and then he said he had actually decided to run the whole half marathon distance.  So the time was even better than I originally thought.  He said it was just a few miles into it when he made the decision, because was really feeling the run and doing great.  The rain drenched him with about 4 miles to go, but he said he felt it really helped him.  It cooled him off and washed all the sweat away.  He said it was quite invigorating.  And he also saw some kids on bicycles cheering him on, which gave him another boost.  

We are both happy and thrilled that he was able to do it.  And he is very encouraged about the actual half marathon that he will participate in.  It's not until the temperature should be much cooler, and so he definitely believes he can improve his time between now and then.  After his event, I will have him guest blog on here so you can get his perspective.  Run, Tim, run!!

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