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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two Day Pre-Race To Do List

Most runners probably have a to-do list for the night before a race, but do you also have one for two nights before?  I do, and since this is two nights before my first half marathon, here's what I'm doing:
  • Make sure what I want to wear for the race is clean  CHECK
  • Final training - a 2 mile run -  per the schedule I've loosely followed (from the July issue of Self magazine)  CHECK
  • Charge my running watch & my headphones - Charging now as I type
  • Freshen up my running playlist by removing songs I'm tired of & adding a few new ones for an extra boost while I run - CHECK
    • Ready or Not, by Britt Nicole featuring Lecrae - two of my favorite artists singing/rapping a song I never get tired of hearing, a song that reminds me WHY I'm running - for Jesus
    • Overcomer, by Mandisa (the Capital Kings remix) - love Mandisa, love Capital Kings - this song will push me past that wall if I hit it
    • One Drop, by Plumb - this song is so positive & so catchy I find myself singing it for hours after I hear it
    • Southern Girl, by Tim McGraw - I know it's a hokey formulaic country song, but I can't help that I still like it
All done; come back tomorrow for my Race Eve To Do List


  1. Hope you still have TobyMac's "Eye In It"

  2. Oh yes! That's probably always going to be in my run playlist. That song always gets me going!

  3. My to do list is my ritual...has to be done. When I tried to back off being so controlling about it, I was a nervous wreck. Gotta be the same.