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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Honey Stinger Honey Waffle, or We're Gonna Need a Bigger Water Bottle

On this week's long run, which became a long run/walk, I tried the Honey Stinger Honey Waffle as my energy supplement.  First, my review of the waffle (spoiler - I'm giving it an A+), and then my review of my run:

 Here's why I give the Honey Waffle an A+:
  • Flavor - It tastes like an ice cream waffle cone soaked in honey.  YUM!  What else is there to say here?
  • Texture - I'd say that's a pretty accurate description of the texture, too: a waffle cone soaked in honey.  There's no crispiness to it - the honey makes it pretty moist and soft, but not too soft to handle & eat.  There's also no stickiness.  It definitely needs to be eaten with water, though.  Unlike the fruity gels & jelly beans I've tried which increase the moisture in my mouth with chewing, this does the opposite.  It's still easy enough to eat on the run with water, though.
  • Energy - This gets the highest marks for energy of any supplement I've tried yet.  On a day when the heat & humidity were combining to make me feel like I was running under a wet blanket, I was really feeling drained at mile 5 when I ate half the wafer.  A quarter-mile later, I was surprised by the burst of energy that made me feel as fresh as if I had just started.  It only lasted a couple of miles, by which point I had run out of water, so I didn't eat the other half.  But that's my fault, not the waffle.
  • Packaging - It's in a little water-proof package which I opened with scissors at the top before starting my run.  It barely fit in the pocket of my runner's belt.  In fact, I think I crushed a little of it off zipping it in there.  But the rest held up just fine.
  • Bonus - the waffles are all natural & certified organic.  No chemicals, additives, or preservatives.  And no caffeine.
I'm giving myself a B again this week.  First off, I started my run a little after 9am, not 7am as I should have.  So it was already way hotter than it had been earlier, and there was lots more traffic too.  Second, I didn't have enough water.  My runner's belt only holds one water bottle, and I went through it by mile 7 and that was sipping sparingly after I realized it was half-gone at mile 4.  I either need to use a bigger water bottle, or find a route with a place to refill (no water fountains here).  Still, I kept going, and even when I needed to take a walk break I walked quickly still pumping my arms and keeping my walking pace at about 16 in/mile.  I ended up doing 9.3 miles with an average pace of 14.21 min/mile.  Not bad for running under a wet blanket!

1 comment:

  1. I like the stingers too. I carried mine around for a few races and it was crumbled, but like you said earlier, that was my fault, not the waffle.