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Monday, August 26, 2013

Power Bar Performance Energy Blend, or Always Charge Your Headphones

This weekend's long run didn't end up being very long - only 6.15 miles.  I didn't have much time since it's not light enough to head out before 7am, and I had to be at work at 10 to help set up for the Feast of Lanterns Parade.  Even though I didn't think I'd need it, I wanted to go ahead and try another energy supplement, so I tried the Power Bar Performance Energy Blends in Apple Mango Strawberry, and here's my review:

  • Flavor - The flavor was okay.  The apple was the strongest taste, and since it is basically just pureed fruit, the flavor was pretty much like sweetened applesauce.  A bit sweet for my taste, I like tartness in apple dishes.
  • Texture - The first thought that popped into my head was baby food.  The second thought was that it's more like thin, watery applesauce.  It isn't completely smooth like baby food is, but I confess that idea stayed with me.  I had no trouble eating & swallowing it on the run.
  • Energy - I took the supplement at mile 2.5, because my headphones started making that warning chime that the battery was about to die.  I knew without music I was going to need an extra burst to finish the run, and I had to finish.  I was doing an out-and-back, so I had to finish in order to get home.  I did feel the energy kick in about 10 minutes later, just around the time my headphones actually died.  The energy was comparable to the other supplements I've tried (see our archives for those reviews).
  • Packaging - These energy blends come in 3.17 oz. pouches.  I had to squish it to get it into the pocket of my running belt, but it did fit.  The lid screws on securely and even squished nothing leaked.  It also opens easily on the run and is just as easy to eat as sipping from a water bottle.
Overall I give this energy supplement a B.  They work great, but the flavor and texture was just a little bland for my taste.

I give myself a B this week also.  My run was great, but how could I forget to charge my headphones before a long run?  Especially since I'd already done that one other time this summer.  I only knocked off one letter grade for that mistake, though, since I was able to keep going without tunes.


  1. Way to go running with headphones for part of the run. I don't like being without music, because then I hear my breathing.

    1. Cindy, I realized today that I can still hear my breathing even with my headphones. It doesn't bother me, though.