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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gatorade Energy Chews

Today on my long run I tried Gatorade Energy Chews in Fruit Punch flavor.  My thoughts:
  • The flavor was really good - as refreshing as you would expect fruit punch to be.
  • The texture was surprisingly good too.  As this was my first experience with energy chews, I was prepared for something really chewy, like gummy candy.  They were very easy to eat though - I put 2 in my mouth at once & had them down in just 4 or 5 chews.
  • I can't really say if they improved my energy or not.  I was feeling fine & had plenty of energy when I tried them, slightly past halfway on what turned out to be 9.3 - 9.5 miles (thought I was going 8, but my watch lost GPS signal for a while).  I never did run out of energy & was still going strong at the end, so I will say they worked.
  • My only complaint was the package.  I opened it & put it in my pouch before I started running, but I still found them a little tough to get to.  Next time I would take them out & put in a sandwich baggie or something a little easier.
  • Bonus:  You don't have to go to a fitness or sporting goods store to buy these - they are available in any grocery store.
Overall review - I give these an A.


  1. Also sounds like you fueled properly beforehand. Did you do good rationing your water?

    1. Yes, I did. It was in the 60's but really humid. I just took occasional sips of my water along the way, and still had about half the bottle left by the end of my fun.