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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pew to Half Training, Week 4

This week's run was 6 miles, which was a mental hill for me as I'd done 5 miles several times but never gone any farther. We met again at the same park, but this time decided not to run together since we all run at different paces.  It was nice knowing we'd see each other along the way, since we were running out & back, without worrying about keeping up or feeling bad about holding people back. 

I'm definitely going to have to start carrying water with me. That's just too far to run in this heat, even when I've been hydrating.  And though it may feel like it at 90% humidity, you cannot actually drink the air.  I do have a runners belt that holds a water bottle.  I'm going to start using it even on my short weeknight runs just to gets used to it. 

The most important thing I got out of this long run was that I did it! 6 miles, average pace of 13:27 min/mile.  I'm very happy with that. 


  1. That is so awesome. Tim just bought and used a water bottle belt yesterday for his 8 mile. He said it made a world of difference.

    1. Very cool. How did his run go? And how'd your bike ride go? People at church this morn were asking about your ride. :-)

    2. How sweet that you had friends asking. I think I've told you in chatting possibly that Tim said using the water belt and GU were the ticket for the long run.