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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Month-Long Iron man, 1/3 Done

Okay, I'm not really 1/3 done, although I should be since the month of July is 1/3 done.  Kevin & I are doing this month-long Iron man through our local parks department.  We have the month of July to log 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, and 26.2 miles of running.  I am at 28% on swimming, 15% on biking, and 21% on running, so I need to step it up a bit.  I can't even use the fact that last week was a holiday week as an excuse, because that should've given me more time to get some activity in.

Swimming - I went to the neighborhood pool and did 24 laps last night.  I'd forgotten what a workout swimming is!  At about lap 7, I was getting really tired and doubting I would make it to 12 laps (my original goal).  But then just like when I run, I got a second wind and was able to do double what I'd originally thought I'd do.

Biking - I am going to have to schedule a couple long rides, maybe even bike to work again to complete this one.  That's a lot of miles, which takes up a lot of time.

Running - I'm not really worried about this one.  With my Pew to Half training stepping up the mileage every week, I think I will finish this one just fine.  And slightly off topic (but not too far since there's always someone in a tutu at every race), did you see these Superheroine Tutus?  I already have a Wonder Woman shirt with a cape, and matching socks.  Would the tutu be overkill?  Has anyone tried running in a tutu?  We may have to start a new section of the blog devoted to runner cosplay. 

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