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Monday, July 1, 2013

Pew to Half Training, Week 1

On Saturday, I met up with some other runners from my church to train for a half marathon on Sept. 14.  Some of them have run a half before, but it will be my first.  This week was just a 3 mile run, and each week we will add a mile.  The other runners all do about a 10 minute mile, though, while I normally run a 12 minute mile.  I was really pushing to keep up with them, and later just to keep them in sight.  I did okay, but I learned a couple of lessons:

  1. As mentioned before, I normally run later in the day.  We are meeting at 8am on Saturdays though, and I got up just after 7, got dressed & made coffee, and gulped down a peanut butter sandwich along with my coffee in the car on the way to meet them.  What I SHOULD have done, and what I WILL do next time, is treat it like a race day: getting up 2 hours prior to run time to eat some cereal or a granola bar with a banana, drink water, then get dressed, and drink my caffeinated coconut water in the car on the way to run.  
  2. I can run faster than I think, so it's a good idea for me to run with other people occasionally - they make me push myself, and that's a good thing.
I will miss next week's 4 mile training run, since I'm already signed up for an obstacle course race at that same time, but I will be back with them the week after for 5 miles.


  1. It is definitely good to run with others to see how you can do, but there is nothing wrong with not being able to keep up. Tim is purposefully slowing himself down in his training for a half, because he knows he can't keep up the "fast" pace the whole 13 miles.

    1. I'm trying to talk another friend into coming out who also runs about a 12 minute mile. That way we could run together & the others wouldn't feel bad about going on ahead. They kept dropping back to stay with me even tho I told them I was fine, go on.