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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Creeper Trail 10k

Ran my first trail race today is Abingdon, VA.  Good choice for my first trail run, the trail itself wasn't bad with rocks and tree stumps, etc., but it was different on my feet, ankles, and legs to run that distance unpaved.  The first three miles went gradually downhill, which meant, YEAH!!, second half was all gradual uphill.  Was happy I kept pretty close to my regular 10k pace for more than half the race, and didn't slow down the pace much after that.  I ended up 10th overall in the females.  I'm having trouble getting my eating down for longer races, run out of fuel by about mile 4 to 5, but the cliff blocks helped today.  Just need to start eating them BEFORE I start running out of energy next time and maybe my times will improve.
Another first for the day, my first race in a thunderstorm.  Right before 5 miles it started storming and pouring the rain.  That I can do without.  I will definately trail run again, but hopefully I won't run in the lightning again.
Serious props to my husband.  I didn't want to do my first trail run alone, wasn't sure what the trail would be like and didn't want to end up creeping the creeper trail after everyone else had go home.  He stayed with me instead of racing for himself.  Love him.
Virginia is now the fifth state we have raced in since last May.


  1. Way to go on finishing 10th! And how sweet of Mark to run with you. Did running in the storm remind you of our run down Mount Pisgah when we were kids?

  2. Congratulations on your finish!!

    I did a long run on Creeper Trail last November while we were out visiting family for Thanksgiving. The scenery was beautiful! I thought I was heading out a little fast from Abigdon. Coming back, I realized why-it's all uphill on the way back!

  3. I am so proud of you sis! I would be scared to do a trail run period, since I had a freak accident just WALKING on an uneven surface in 2001 and tearing my Achilles tendon. As for the fuel, I know they tell us in our bike races, eat before you feel hungry, definitely drink before you feel thirsty, otherwise, it's too late.

  4. Yes, Teresa, it did remind me of that run down Mt Pisgah, I was thinking about that when the thunder first started. The only difference was I was going uphill instead of down. Boo

    I will try to take your advice Cindy, and eat before I am hungry. I always plan out my water stops to see when I will take water whether I feel like I need it or not, I need to do that with food as well.