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Monday, August 15, 2016

Countdown to Vegas Week 5: Run Detroit

I spent most of last week in Detroit taking classes towards being a Certified Housing Asset Manager.  I didn't let the travel derail my marathon training though.  I had already planned several runs and workouts before I even left Indy, and of course my fave running shoes went in my carry-on bag.  I am not taking any chance of losing those!

Monday - Long Run

Classes every day except Friday ran from 8:00 - 4:00.  As soon as Monday's class was over, I headed back to the hotel to change and go run.  Monday's weather was in the low 70s with low humidity, and based on the forecast for the week, it was going to be the most perfect day for a run.  My plan was to go down to the Riverfront and run north to Belle Isle bridge, then run over the bridge to Belle Isle State Park, about 4 miles.  I thought I'd find somewhere there to buy water and a snack, then run back.  The first part of the evening went according to plan.

Once I got to the island, I was a little disappointed at first.  There were very few signs, and even fewer sidewalks.  For a park, it was not pedestrian friendly at all.  There were roads and bike lanes everywhere, and all the walkers and runners I saw were in the bike lanes, which forced the bikes into the roads.  Most of the attractions were closed since it was after business hours, so I headed over to the beach.  There my disappointment went away.  The beach was delightful, and even though the cafe was closed there was an ice cream truck, so I got my snack and water, and took my shoes off to run on the sand and in the water.  The Detroit River is very clean and pretty.

Feeling revived after my snack, I decided to keep going around the island.  I wanted to see the lighthouse on the north end.  I was a little surprised to discover after I reached the lighthouse that I'd already done 7 miles.  At that point I decided instead of continuing around the island, I would turn around and retrace my route back.  The sun was already setting by the time I reached the bridge back to the mainland, so I'm glad I didn't explore any further.

Total miles: 14 running, est. 2 miles walking to & from class

Tuesday - Cross Training

In my research of things to do while in Detroit, I'd found a free fitness camp on the Riverfront on Tuesday nights.  Tuesday is my normal LFBootcamp night anyway, so this fit into my routine.  I'm glad I went to this.  I enjoyed meeting Teena and the others taking her class, and I definitely got a good workout.  My arms were sore all week - I clearly need to start working on my upper arm strength.  Anyone in Detroit or planning to travel there should definitely check out Teena's Facebook page.  In addition to her Tuesday Fit Camp, she also has a Saturday running group, and she told me about some other free workout options in town as well.

Total miles: est.4 miles walking to & from classes, meals, & fit camp

Wednesday - Treadmill Run

By Wednesday the travel was starting to catch up with me.  I was tired, so after class I went back to the hotel and took a nap.  When I got up around 7, it was still 91 with a heat index of 94, so I decided to run on the hotel treadmill instead of outside.  Bonus: when I went to the gym I saw they have a rowing machine also.  So my reward for 30 minutes of hills and speed intervals on the treadmill was 10 minutes on the rowing machine.  I'd thought about swimming too, but the pool was crowded at 8:30, so I skipped it.

Total miles: 2.5 miles running, est. 2 miles walking, 1700 meters rowing

Thursday - Yoga

During Thursday's classes, I started feeling a twinge in my back.  I'm not used to sitting for such long periods of time.  I'm usually up and down all day at work.  When we did get a break, my back felt really stiff and I had to walk for several minutes before I felt it loosen up.

More free workout options!  Detroit has free yoga on the Riverfront on Thursday evenings.  It was HOT, but there was also a nice breeze that helped make it tolerable.  Also, a tip I learned a few weeks ago during #BibChat (Tuesdays, 9pm Eastern) is to put BodyGlide on your eyebrows to keep sweat from dripping into your eyes while you run.  It works during hot yoga too.  You're welcome.

Total miles: est. 3 miles walking to & from classes, meals & yoga

Friday - Long Walk

All week long I'd been walking everywhere - to and from classes, to different spots around town for meals or shopping, and of course to workout and sight see.  I hadn't been tracking all my walking, so for most trips I was estimating a half mile there and a half mile back.  I sort of wish now I'd been tracking all that.  I turned my Moves app on Friday morning to track my walking since I didn't think I would get to actually workout.  I would've estimated to & from class, to & from lunch, and through the airport to total 3 - 3.5 miles or so.  I actually walked 7.1 miles.  I have not gone back and revised any of my previous estimates though.  If I walked more, my muscles got the benefit whether I tracked it or not.

Friday the twinges in my back were more noticeable, and walking after sitting required more time before it loosened up again.  And Friday I did a lot of sitting.  They told me at the hotel that I should leave at 4 to be at the airport by 6:20 - the recommended 2 hours before my flight time.  Well leaving the hotel at 4 actually got me to the airport at 4:30, so that meant 4 hours to wait.  I didn't sit the whole time.  I sat and read for a while, got up and walked around, then sat somewhere else.  I adjusted the straps of my carry-on, but still my back kept hurting more.

Finally we boarded the plane for Chicago, but when we landed in O'Hare we had to sit in the plane for over an hour because there wasn't an available gate.  By the time I got off the plane, I'd missed my flight to Indy.  But it didn't matter, since it had actually been cancelled.  I got rebooked for a flight Saturday afternoon, found myself a hotel room, and settled in to wait.

Total miles: 7.1

Saturday - Finally Home

Saturday I stayed at the hotel as long as possible since I was certainly more comfortable there than at the airport.  By now my back was really hurting and I wished I had my foam roller.  There were no issues or delays with Saturday's flight, and I finally made it back home that evening.  I was so tired and sore that I didn't even unpack, which is not like me.  Usually I unpack and put everything away as soon as I get home.  I just can't stand clutter.

Total miles: 1.6

Sunday - Rest but No Recovery

I didn't even make it to church today.  I did manage to unpack and do some laundry, but I spent most of the day trying to find some relief for my back.  I did some stretching and foam rolling, and rested some but not too much.  It's hard to find that balance between enough activity to keep it from getting worse without being too much and making it worse that way.  It's so frustrating when I'm used to being so active all the time.  I think I've mentioned here before how I used to really annoy Kevin because I almost never sit down.

Total miles: 0

Total weekly miles: 36.2

Total training miles to date: 117.25

Detroit vs. Indy

I was really impressed with the city.  Granted I didn't venture beyond downtown at all, other than my trip to Belle Isle Park, but what I saw was all clean, well-lit, safe, pretty, and interesting.  There are beaches and play areas all around downtown, not just on the Riverfront.  That free yoga I went to on Thursday?  This is the 9th year they've offered that.  Indy's just on our 1st year of free Yoga on the Canal.  Why are we behind?  And check this beach play area out.  During the day it's full of families and kids, but at night it's 21 & older only.  There's a bar right next to it.  I want a beach with a bar in Indy.  I want to put my toes in the sand and drink something fruity.  Make it happen.

Solo Travel

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you might remember last year's trip to Philly for my first class in this CHAM certification.  When I first got there, I was overwhelmed by how much I missed Kevin, and spent several hours crying in my hotel room.  That didn't happen this time.  I felt a strong wave of sadness as I pulled out of the garage to leave for the airport, but I didn't break down.

Much like the Philly trip, though, I did find myself talking out loud to Kevin a lot.  Pointing out things he would've liked to see, stuff like that.  Maybe I will just always do that.  I don't know.

Kevin would've enjoyed the hotel room with a view of the river, watching the barge and freighter traffic.  And he would like Belle Isle Park, especially the lighthouse.  Although we would've driven there instead of running if he went.

Being on the beach there at Belle Isle reminded me of being on the beach at Benton Harbor with him a few years earlier.  So I left him a little note in the sand, in case he was looking, so he'd know I was thinking about him.

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