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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Countdown to Vegas Week 3: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

While the thermometer showed temps in the 80s this week instead of 90s, it still felt really hot and humid, and I'm so salty and itchy by the end of even a short run.  I've been eating bananas and baked potatoes, and drinking coconut water, but I am still struggling with calf and foot cramps.  I'm going to keep working on finding a solution, so if you have any tips please share.  Here's how this week's training went:

Monday - Hills

At this week's hill training with BGRIndy, we split into groups.  Those who missed the Tired Legs workout from two weeks ago got to do that one, while those of us who were there for it did partner hills sprints.  We tackled that hill hard!  It was a short workout but a tough one.

Total miles: 2.7

Tuesday - Cross Training

Running on the Canal Walk with BSRC, followed by LF Bootcamp.  Sometimes I like to amuse myself by coming up with theme workouts, and Bible verses to fit them.  So I called this one the Hot 100, with 100 reps of each exercise, and a comforting verse from Revelations.  No extreme heat advisories in Heaven!

Total miles: 5.5

Wednesday - Yoga/Recovery

I am really enjoying this free class every week.  It's so nice to watch the city and sky move from night to morning as we wake up our bodies and absorb the energy of the sunrise.

Total miles: 0

Thursday - Speed

Downtown running with the Flat12 run club.  I did fartleks this week as I ran, sprinting a block, then running at a recovery pace until I was ready to sprint again.  My watch didn't pick up the satellite signal, so I didn't get to review my pace or splits, but it felt like a good workout.

Total miles: 3

Friday - Recovery Run

Another split run, with 1.7 miles before work and 2.3 at lunch.  I had planned to go in the gym and hit the rowing machine for 10 minutes or so after my lunch run, but I was so uncomfortably sweaty and gross that I just went straight to the shower.  Maybe next time I'll try to row in the morning before I start my run.

Total miles: 4

Saturday - Long Run

Week 3 of training and already a step-back in mileage.  Saturday's long run was only 6 miles.  I was tempted to do 8 again in a repeat of last week, but I decided to just stick to the plan.  Overtraining can bring on injury, and I definitely want to avoid that.  I should have gone out early like I did last week, but I took my time doing things around the house and didn't get started until after 9.  It was really hot and there was almost no shade along my route.  I had to stop a couple of times and move off the trail into some shade and dump water on my head.  I was rewarded for my hard work with some beautiful views, though.  Wildflowers were blooming all along the greenway, and I saw a lot of my favorite: Queen Anne's Lace.  

Total miles: 6

Sunday - Rest Day

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I've been experiencing calf and foot cramps.  I spent a lot of time Sunday rolling my legs with the foam roller and massaging my feet with golf balls.  It didn't really help.  I may try soaking in some epsom salts shortly, but I have to be out of the tub in time for Sharknado tonight!

Total miles: 0

Total weekly miles: 21.2

Total training miles to date: 65.55

Lock Up Your Valuables

Some friends this week had their cars broken into and things stolen while we were running.  When I told Laura about it, she said it has been happening there around Asheville a lot too.  Thieves are targeting areas where runners and hikers park, smashing car windows and grabbing what they can.  I would hate to hear of this happening to anyone else, so please everyone be careful:
  1. If you don't need it that day, leave it at home.  I'm as guilty as anyone at leaving things in my car "just in case".  Do I really need to drive around with my snow boots in the middle of July?
  2. If you have anything that even looks like it might be valuable, put it in your trunk before you leave home or work,  Don't wait until you get to where you are parking, as thieves could be watching.
  3. At the gym, take your things inside, put them in a locker and lock it.  Sometimes I open 4 or 5 unlocked lockers and find clothes and purses in them before I find one that's empty that I can use.  
  4. Think twice about posting when/where you are running.  If I'm running alone, I don't post anything or check in to a location until I'm done and getting ready to leave.  Also if I run from home, I never post a map of my run.  When I'm running as part of a club or event, I usually do like to share that ahead of time so other people who might want to run too will know about it.  That's how we find out about a lot of fun things.  But I'm going to think twice about this too.  I hate that, since I want to encourage people to be more active and come out and have fun.  But I don't want to make anyone a target.
  5. But always make sure someone you trust does know when/where you are running.  When Kevin was alive, I always told him where I was running and how long I would be, and texted him when I was done if he wasn't at home.  And obviously he would miss me if I didn't show up.  Without him, though, I sometimes get nervous when I run alone.  The boys and I all have such varied schedules and sometimes go a couple of days without actually seeing each other even though we all live in the same house.  I always tell someone when I am running, where I plan to run and how long I will be gone.  If the boys are home, I just write them a note.  But if they aren't here, I text or phone a friend.  I want to be sure someone would come looking for me if something went wrong.

Up Next

Run (317) Carmel on Thursday, 9/1.  New: Run(317) has launched a new promotion where you get this free t-shirt if you register now for the Carmel and Fountain Square events.  Plus you get all the other race swag: wine glass for Carmel and pint glass for Fountain Square; 2 free beers, free Penn Station sub, koozie, and bumper sticker at each race.  Don't delay: the first 3 races this year all sold out, and this one probably will too.

The Glo Run on Saturday, 9/3.  This looks like a lot of fun!  It's a night run in White River State Park, with glow sticks and glow zones and 80's music.  They offered me two free entries in exchange for blogging about the race and reviewing it, and Josh is going to run it with me.  I'm super excited to check this out and let you know how much fun we have!

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