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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Things You Overhear While Running

Last Saturday was the inaugural Winter Trail Frosty Quarter & Half Marathon.  I almost wish I'd done the half instead of the quarter, but it's winter in Indiana so you never know what you will get.  It turned out to be a perfect day weather-wise, and the course was extremely muddy, which was kind of fun.  All those plank workouts paid off, as I used my core a lot to stay upright sliding through the mud.  But I DID stay upright, and I got a course PR of 1:34:54.

This race uses the same course as the Winter Night and Summer Night Trail races, and also the Indiana Women's Trail race, so it was my sixth time running this course, although only the second time in daylight.  I was five minutes faster than the Indiana Women's Trail race last May and it's the first time I've run this course without falling.  I guess I'm finally getting the hang of it.

My only regret is that I didn't stick around very long after the race.  I just wasn't thinking.  Most of my friends were running the half, and if I'd stayed I could've cheered them in.  I'm so used to being last that when I didn't see anyone I thought they'd all finished and left already, instead of realizing they were still out on their second loop.

I generally don't wear headphones or listen to anything when I do trail runs.  I don't really need the distraction since I don't get bored on trails.  And if I'm engrossed in a podcast, I might miss that moment that I love: that moment where the pack thins out and I can't see anyone else on the trails and I feel like a kid running through the woods again.  I'm ten years old, pig tails flying, pockets full of cool rocks to bring home to add to my collection.  That's why I love trail running.

Of course there were plenty of moments there were lots of other runners around me, too.  And as I've told you before, I kind of like eavesdropping on their conversations:

"I feel like I'm on The Walking Dead; like I'm Andrea running through the woods after the farm got overrun."
Oh good, so it's not just me.  Actually, Josh and I have discussed hiding out in Eagle Creek when the zombie apocalypse happens.  We could raid the gun range for weapons and ammo, then climb up into the Go Ape platforms and camp up where zombies can't climb.  The only issue I see with this scenario is all the deer in Eagle Creek.  Is that a good thing, because the zombies will eat the deer and not bother with us?  Or a bad thing because such a large food source will attract a huge herd of zoms?

"Come on sugar plum, suck it up!"
At one point I was between two groups of Corn Fed Spartans, who were calling back and forth encouraging and talking smack.  I can't repeat it all here, but it was funnier than any podcast and sort of made me wish I belonged to their group.  FBG: we're going to have to up our trash-talking game.

"I haven't done any scientific testing or anything, but based on pure observation, mine are bigger than hers."
No comment needed.  But mine are bigger.

Coming Up

My next trail race isn't until June - the She Power Half.  Side note ladies: if you are thinking about running that one, they said there are less than 150 spots left and they expect it to sell out before the end of March, so get signed up ASAP.  I saw the medal for it, and it's pretty awesome!

I'm running only one race in March: the 500 Festival Miler Series 6 Mile this weekend.  And I will be volunteering at the Shamrock 5K Beer Run March 12.  Don't forget you can save $5 on registration for that one, and donate $5 to the John Boner Neighborhood Centers at the same time.  Just use Discount Code JBNC when you register.


  1. Haha, you crack me up. Reminds me of my last ultra, there was a girl behind us singing. ..the entire time. Kept us pushing because we knew she was getting close. Everybody was talking about what kind of drugs she was on and how we all needed some. At the end of the race she was talking to her friend and he asked her how she could have anything left to say. Haha. She was actually really nice and encouraging, but that was a unique experience

    1. Wow singing the whole race. I hope she was a good singer, else that would be hard to listen to.