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Thursday, September 4, 2014

September Races

I've just updated my September races, and yes, I am racing every weekend in September.  The first two weekends are going to be incredibly hard trail races, 18.6 and 15 miles, but they work out good mileage wise in my Marathon training.  Sometimes its just easier to race for some of the long runs, and since its trail I won't be running too fast and I will be getting amazing training.  The third weekend is a tough but short trail race through the rock quarry in Black Mountain, NC.  Placed last year so I'm hoping for a repeat.  Last weekend is the Sunset Stampede weirdly this year moved from an evening race to morning and from spring to fall.??. Anyway, this race is the one where my running buddy Alice and I started running together.  Since then its been who knows how many races including about 7 half marathons and 1 full, plus the Cradle to the Grave 30K ( and the next two weekends too).  Guess that's our crazy runniversary.  :)

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