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Saturday, December 28, 2013

marathon training

Been forever since I blogged but I thought a quick catch up on my marathon training.  The last 6 weeks have been our biggger longer runs with some tapering in between.  Unfortunately the turkey trot was my last race, I was hoping for at least a 10k, but ive had some amazing fast six mile runs with my training partners, almost pr's.  The 14 mile run wax actually the hardest, and since then my body seems to be healing better.  Partly, I believe because ive added an all natural energy/health food shake that helps with energy, hydration and recovery.  Tomorrow is our longest run before the race.  My plan calls for 20, but a friend who followed program recommended 22 to 23.  She said the last 6 miles were mentally hard because she had never done that 22 to 23 it is.  If it goes as well as the 18 miler, I think ill be able to stay more positive the next 3 weeks.  I get nervous butterflies every time I think about it,  its good

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