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Monday, July 13, 2015

Paddle Board Yoga
While we are waiting for Laura to tell us about her Grandfather Mountain Marathon (spoiler: she had a great finish!); I'll tell you about my first paddle board yoga class.  I've been wanting to try this out for several years now.

When I first heard about it, it was only offered up on the north side, Morse Reservoir I think, and I didn't want to do it badly enough to drive all the way up there.  A few weeks ago at Monumental Yoga I mentioned this to my friend Tammi, and she told me that Peace Through Yoga offers it at Eagle Creek!  We both decided to sign up for a class, which was last Saturday, and now we both agree it was a lot of fun and we hope to do it again.

I don't have any pictures, since there was no way I was taking my phone or my camera out on the lake.  Maybe next time I will buy one of those waterproof disposables.  Do they even still make those?  It was an absolutely gorgeous day, though, with a little breeze and a little current in the lake, but nothing too strong.

First, since neither of us had even paddle boarded before, we had to learn how to do that.  It actually turned out to be much easier than I expected to stand up and paddle around.  The instructor for this yoga class makes these paddle boards herself.  They are 3-4 inches longer and slightly wider than standard paddle boards, so they are very stable.  After we were all up, we paddled out and down the lake a ways, and now I totally want a paddle board of my own.  It's really a nice way to get out and enjoy being on the water.
Monumental Yoga, pic by Tammi Hughes

Once we were out where we wanted to be, we dropped weights to keep us anchored together, and we began the yoga practice.  Most of the yoga was what you would expect for any class on dry land or in a studio, but some poses required a wider stance than usual, and all movements are very slow and deliberate.  I wasn't able to manage the Warrior series; I just did not feel stable when I tried to step out into Warrior, so I stayed in Mountain pose.  I did everything else, though, and I didn't fall in.  I had fully expected to at least once.

It caused a little vertigo when I looked between my legs in Down Dog and saw the upside-down horizon.  I had to focus my gaze back down on my board to stay steady.  Otherwise, though, it really is nice being out on the water.  The sounds & scents of the lake along with the gentle rocking of the board adds an extra peacefulness to the practice.  I was a little disappointed when class was over.  I could've stayed out there all day; although the sunburn on my back says otherwise.

I hope to take this class again, and I definitely recommend it to anyone else in the Indy area. 

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