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Monday, July 20, 2015

1,000+ Miles

After my 7 mile run on Saturday, my GPS watch informed me that I'd hit a new milestone: 1,000 miles!  Officially 1,001.7 miles run with my watch.  That doesn't count the miles when I first started running, before Kevin bought me my watch.  (It's the Nike+ Sport Watch, of course, because Kevin's favorite brand of sporting goods is Nike.)  It also doesn't count the occasional run I do without the watch.  But it's still a fun milestone for a number nerd like me, and it got me wondering where I could be if I'd run all those miles consecutively...

Disney World, 995 miles

Of course the first thing I looked up was the distance to Disney.  The Disney Princess Half Marathon is still on my running bucket list.  Hopefully with my sisters, and definitely in costume. 

Bodie Island, NC, 827 miles

I could make it to Bodie Island and still have some miles to go.  I love the Outer Banks, and I love lighthouses.  Bodie Island is my favorite lighthouse, but with my leftover miles I could visit them all.

Badlands National Park, SD, 998 miles

I've never been there, but it looks really cool, and it's right at the edge of my mileage in the NW direction.

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, 936 miles

Another place I've never been.  How cool would it be to run to another country?  If I listen to French-language podcasts all the way there, maybe I'd be ready to converse.

Sadly I would not be able to make it to either New Mexico (one of my favorite states) or Maine (one I've always wanted to visit), at least not by Mapquest mileage estimates.  Maybe if I went off-road & took some shortcuts? 

Coming Up

Here's where I remind you again about Richard's Run for Brain Cancer on 8/1 at Cataloochee Ranch,
NC.  I'm not receiving anything for promoting this race.  It's for a great cause, and it also looks like a fun event which will be even more fun with more people there.  Besides, no matter how small the field I stand no chance of winning an age group award since #FastSister Laura & I are in the same age group, so we might as well get as many people out there as possible.  #BabySister Cindy will also be running, and it will be her first trail race.  There's a bluegrass band & barbecue at the finish line, so why wouldn't you want to be there?  Come out & run with us, or volunteer, or just cheer us on! 

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