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Monday, January 5, 2015

Tshirts & Totals of 2014

It's time for one of my favorite blog posts: showing off all the commemorative shirts I collected last year, & totaling up my miles, plus a little preview of my 2015 plans.

If you've been reading our blog for a while now, thank you!  You may remember from the goals I set for last year (14 Things for 2014) that I wanted to collect 21 commemorative t-shirts.  I ended up with so many that I had to split them out into 3 groups just to get them all pictured.  First up, my race shirts:

This pic is in chronological order, but it's missing the shirt from the Great Pumpkin Run.  I packed that away with my Halloween stuff.  So that makes 18 shirts just from races.  I actually ran 19 races, but they didn't all offer t-shirts.

I ran eleven 5Ks, one 3.17 mile race, one 3 mile obstacle course, one 10K, one quarter marathon, one 10 mile virtual race, and four half marathons.  My goal was two half marathons, and a 5K under 30 minutes.  I did not get that sub-30 time, so I'm going for that again this year.

All totaled, I ran 617.5 miles last year, shattering my goal of 451.25. tells me it's 993.85 miles from our house to Disney World, so that's my running goal for 2015.  I already have 4 half marathons on the schedule for this year, and I'm signed up & training for my first full marathon in April: Carmel Marathon

Here are four shirts from volunteering.  My goal was to volunteer at 6 events, and I actually did 9.  I always enjoy volunteering - it's a fun way to save money and still participate in an event, and help support activities and organizations you believe in.

I hope to repeat at Indy Pop Con this year, but they haven't announced the dates yet so I can't be sure.  I'll probably do something at the 500 Festival Parade again, and since I'm not planning to run the 500 Festival Mini Marathon this year I might volunteer at that also. 
These miscellaneous shirts from training groups, running clubs, product giveaways, and other fun events bring my total for the year to 35 shirts. 

Other random SWAG
Other goals I hit: Reading the Bible through, incorporating regular strength training into my routine, celebrating Kimmy's high school graduation, taking better pictures and enjoying all the surprises.

Goals I missed: bicycling 345.8 miles (only did 60.6); swimming (shoulder issues); golf; & reading 26 books (so close at 24).  I read lots of newspaper & magazine articles, too, though.

Hopefully we can get Kevin's bike fixed before Spring so we can pedal more miles this year. 

Next up is the Winter Night Trail Half Marathon, which is SOLD OUT.  I am signed up & should be ready.  I hope it won't be super cold, though.

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