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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Weekend Recap: Raining on the Rhododendrons, Yoga on the Circle

View from my mat after shavasana
This weekend Laura ran the 37th Annual Rhododendron 10K, part of Bakersville's NC Rhododendron Festival; while I participated in the 2nd annual Monumental Yoga on the Circle for Summer Solstice, and Cindy enjoyed a restful weekend.

Laura was really looking forward to the Rhododendron 10K.  She'd run it last year and placed, bringing home a cool engraved plate, and was hoping to make it a matched set.  Last year, the weather was in the 50's, but this year it was not so nice.  It started out incredibly hot - very unusual for Bakersville - but quickly clouded up and began to rain.  It rained so hard the last three miles, Laura said she thought they might have to swim.

Despite the uncooperative weather and some leg pain from her sciatic, Laura still won 3rd in her age group!  No matching plate, though - they gave engraved plaques instead.  Laura plans now to take a week or so off to rest and regroup, and she'll be ready to run again soon!  In the meantime, you can always catch her at Urban Athletic.

I'm at the very left edge, just behind the chain. Photo from
No rain in Indianapolis as I joined hundreds of other yogis for the second year of Monumental Yoga (link goes to the Indy Star photo gallery of the event).  I met some friends from Metta Yoga in a slightly shady spot to the southeast, and we enjoyed a free hour-long class led by instructors from various studios around the city, saluting the sun outside on Monument Circle on Summer Solstice.

I always enjoy yoga, especially when I can practice outside, but there is something extra special about practicing with hundreds of other people like that.  There's such a positive energy that fills the air.

Next up for me, the 10 East Biz District Bicycle Tour & Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday.

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