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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My May Runstreak & A Run(317) PR

May Runstreak

Run(317) Ambassadors on the Circle
I woke up Sunday, May 1st and decided to try a runstreak for the month of May.  A runstreak, for those of you who don't know, is running at least one mile every day for the length of the streak.  I follow other runners online who've done runstreaks of various lengths, but I've never attempted one.  Every time I think about it, I'm daunted by the idea of all the laundry that would go with it.

Normally I run three or four days a week, depending on what else I have going on.  But I was coming off a bad few weeks, and I decided to challenge myself to get out and run every day in May.  But not just run, I also wanted to make each day's run different in some way - different route, place, type of run, etc.  And I wanted to document each run in a different and interesting way.

May the 4th Be With You
Unfortunately, I was only able to keep my runstreak going for fourteen days.  I came down with either a stomach bug or food poisoning and was very sick, and I didn't think it would be wise to push myself to run anyway.  Even though I had to cut it short, though, I did still learn or relearn a few things in the process:

  1. Indianapolis has a lot of fun places to run.  I had no trouble coming up with new routes, and I had several ideas for future runs that I will tackle soon.
  2. Using a run tracking app to "draw" pictures with your run is hard.  All I did was a simple "4" and that took quite a bit of planning.  I don't know how some runners make really elaborate drawings.
  3. Running is totally a magic reset button.  I had several bad days that got better once I ran.  Even if it's only temporary, it's still a good thing.
  4. I was right about all that laundry.  I might try another runstreak at some point, but I need to invest in a couple more good sports bras first.

A Run(317) PR

Pre-race Group Selfie with the FBG
Last week was the first Run(317) race of 2016.  It was at a new location: downtown on the Circle.  I had so much fun!  The weather was perfect and I saw so many friends there.  I started pretty far back in the pack, so I had to pass a lot of walkers, which meant I couldn't really go all out, but I did run pretty hard.

When I got to mile 2 and saw my clock time was 22 minutes, I got pretty pumped up knowing I was keeping it under an 11 minute mile.  Every time I felt like slowing down, I would pick someone ahead of me and focus on passing them (thanks Trena for that tip!).  After I got past them, I'd check in with my breathing and form, then pick out someone else to pass.  It worked for me: I ran the race in 33:31, a 3.17 mile PR by 33 seconds.  And, I was two seconds faster than the average finish time of 33:33!  Told you I was getting faster!

Indy friends: the next Run(317) race is coming up quick: June 16 in Broad Ripple.  Prices go up this Friday, so if you aren't signed up yet, go to and get signed up now.

Friday the 13th Running Motivation

Up Next

Vacation!  Sister Races!  Reunions!  I'm heading to NC this Friday for a nice long visit.  Laura and I are running the White Squirrel 10K Saturday in Brevard, and then enjoying the White Squirrel Festival with family and friends.  Then a fun week of family time: canoeing, hiking, movies, and lots of good food!  The following Saturday we are running the Asheville Half Marathon.  Then I'm going to my 30th high school reunion.  I'm really looking forward to this vacation.  NC friends: message me if you want to get together while I'm in town.


  1. A few things:
    1. YEAH!!! on the PR, especially having to make your way around people.
    2. You always put a smile on my face when I see you out and about. How the hell do you do that?!?
    3. I'm proud of you for knowing your priorities and letting go of the streak when you needed to.
    4. I'm going to take a closer look at your routes from the 1st half of the month and see where I should go discover.

    1. Thank you Trena! I'm sure it's my goofy colorful outfits, right?