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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Day in the Life of Teresa

I recorded Thursday, March 17, for the Day in the Life blogger event hosted by Trish from Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity.  If you don't already follow Trish, you should definitely check out her blog as well as reading some of the other posts in the link-up.  We're all so different, yet we all have so much more in common with each other.

March 17 was of course St. Patrick's Day, but other than dressing up for run club, I didn't do very much different from an ordinary Thursday.

4:45 am I woke up when I heard Josh get home from a week of snowboarding and visiting friends in Colorado.  This was his third trip there in recent months; he's planning to move there in August.  I texted my mom to let her know Josh was home safe (I wasn't the only one worried about him), and then I went back to sleep.

6:00 am I woke up from a really strange dream.  I had been on the phone with Kathy making plans to meet up, then I'd gone into the garage to sort Kevin's shoes for donation.  I actually had sorted his shoes in real life on his birthday, so I guess that's why it was still on my mind.  In the dream, though, I was sorting them in the garage with the garage door open, when I saw a car come down the road that gave me a bad feeling.  I shut the garage door, but I could hear the car pull into my driveway and then it busted through the garage door.  I tried to run for the door to the house, but I was moving in slow motion and I knew they were going to get me.  Then, I woke up, heart pounding, but managed to fall back asleep.

6:48 am My alarm goes off; I hit snooze.  7:00 am My alarm goes off; I turn it off & turn the lights on.  7:15 am I actually get out of bed.  Brush my teeth, do my morning workout routine, read my Bible, check the weather for now & for the evening & for the weekend, shower & get ready for work.  8:15 am I was tagged last night by i_eat_spinach on Instagram to post a black & white selfie, so I take that & post it, and end up spending 10 minutes scrolling through Instagram.  Oops, I really need to get going.  8:25 am downstairs to let the dog out, make coffee & fix a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast in the car.  Normally I'd also be packing my lunch, but I have lunch plans with a coworker today so I just grab an apple & banana for snacks.  8:40 am I'm finally in the car on the way to work, listening to this week's Nerd Lunch podcast.  I know I'm a couple of days behind, but I listen to so many that my podcast app is almost as full as my DVR.  Anyone else have that problem?  I've started listening at work too, just to stay caught up.

9:10 am I get to work.  I spend the next hour on various tasks:  invoice coding, requisition bills that came in overnight, review cash/payables and decide what to pay this week, and some reporting for HOME recertification.  I'm already hungry so at 10:15 I eat my banana, and take a break to respond to a church member who had a question about their 2015 contribution statement (I'm also the treasurer for my church).  At 11:00 am my coworker lets me know he won't be able to go to lunch after all.  So, at 11:45 am I go to the bank to make some deposits, and then I stop by Tlaolli to pick up some food on my way back to the office.  Such good tamales - I highly recommend them.  Bonus - they had free guacamole for St. Patrick's Day!

12:35 pm I'm back at the office.  It's such a gorgeous day I don't want to go inside.  But I do, and I spend the next little while eating, talking to my boss about a few things, recording the bank deposits, and checking the score of the Duke game (seriously? I had them losing in the first round).  I also talked to our volunteer coordinator about the Shamrock Beer Run the previous weekend, and then started working on reconciling the subsidy receivable for Boner Properties.  Ugh.  Around 3:00 pm my eyes started getting really heavy, so I ate my apple and walked a couple of laps around the building.  Then back to work, this time on the property tax exemption filing for School 78.  I work on that till 4:45 pm, then take care of the day's mail.  Finally it's 5:20 pm, time to change and head to run club!

We leave for our run around 5:45 pm; we run the same route every week (unless there's a train on the tracks), from Flat12 Bierwerks to Monument Circle and back, approximately 3 miles.  I have been working for the past 6 weeks or so on getting faster.  My goal every Thursday has been to keep up with the rest of the runners until we get to the alley, and then use the rest of the run as intervals since we are running downtown with lots of stoplights.  Well this week I kept up with them not only to the alley, but almost halfway through the run.  After a bit they were starting to pull ahead but I would still catch them at each stoplight, until we got to Meridian Street.  Then they pulled away but I could still see them just a block or two ahead.  At one point I glanced at my watch and it said I was running an 8:58 min/mile.  Wow!  That's not a sustainable pace for me - YET - so I was grateful for every stoplight.  As you can see in the picture, my watch shows I did the entire 3 miles at an average pace of 10:56 minute/mile, and that includes stoplights.  I don't pause my watch when I stop.  So, even with stops, faster than I ran the 500 Festival 3 Miler just 6 short weeks ago.  Yes, I was very uncomfortable running that hard, but it felt great!

Back from my run at whatever time that would've been, I was happy to see that Becky and Kathy were there.  Both are injured and having to take time off from running right now, so I've really missed them.  We sat outside in the biergarten talking until the Purdue game was over.  Becky left then, so Kathy and I went inside and got supper from Hoagies & Hops.  We talked more and hung out until 9:00.  The Carolina game was not on TV there since they were showing the IU game instead, so I followed along on my phone.  Go Heels!

9:00 pm I left to go home, arriving at 9:30 pm.  I sat in my car in the garage and cried for a few minutes because Kevin isn't there, then wiped my face and went on in.  I let the dog out, messed around on my phone for a little while, then took another shower.  At 10:20 I went back downstairs and talked to Josh for about 15 minutes before he headed out for the night.  Then I watched Days of our Lives while I did the dishes, swept and mopped the kitchen, and dusted.  Nick came downstairs then so I talked to him for a few minutes, then I ate some ice cream, and then just sat downstairs in the dark for a few minutes.  I let the dog out one last time, then headed upstairs.  12:20 nightlight on, lights out, and in bed.  THE END.


  1. Loved reading about your day. As I gather, you lost your husband a while back? I'm so sorry for that. I'm sure you miss him so much. Your running seems amazing and I love the picture with the green highlighted. Perfect for the day. Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Hi Kay - thanks for reading. Yes, my husband died last April, so it's still very hard right now. Running & writing help.

  2. I'm so sorry about your loss...this is my first time visiting your blog, and I was drawn to the blog's name.

    Loved reading your post...that dream reminded me of some I've had...we always seem to wake up, physically affected.

    Those tamales certainly looked tempting...and I love Guacamole. Thanks for sharing your day.

    Here's mine, a little boring: A DAY IN THE LIFE POST

  3. Thanks for stopping by Laurel - I checked your day out too & it doesn't look boring at all.

  4. Big hugs to you. And good for you for having a little cry.

    Thanks for sharing your day Teresa! Sounds like it was a really full one--but man, can't believe how late you go to bed. LOL!

    1. Thank you Trish! I know, I really should go to bed at a reasonable time. Most days it's just too hard to face going up to bed alone. Hopefully by the time you host another Day in the Life event, I will be doing better in that area.