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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fit Fab Fuel Christmas Exchange

I signed up for a Christmas Exchange this year hosted by a couple of other awesome blogs I follow.  You can check those blogs out at:
Today is the day for the big present reveal & blog link up!  If you know me in real life, you know that I actually like waiting to open my presents, so even though my package got here Friday, I didn't open it until this morning.  I was paired with Lesley, from Kansas.  She's a fellow dog-lover, and as I discovered when I opened my package this morning she's also a fellow tea-drinker!

For the winter fuel portion of the swap, she sent me several packages of Celestial Seasonings tea, including a couple of flavors I haven't tried yet, so I'm looking forward to those.  She also recommends touring their factory near Boulder if you're ever in the area.  Kevin & I like that sort of thing, so I hope we get the chance. 

In addition to the tea, Lesley sent me some granola bars and some Lara Bars.  I have never tried Lara Bars, but I hear lots of good things about them, so there's another treat I'm looking forward to.  Side note: as I was checking out the Lara Bar website to link here, I noticed they have Gingerbread as a seasonal flavor.  If I like these as much as my friends do, I will have to look for that one in the stores.

Finally, for the fabulous ornament portion of the swap, just check out this handcrafted ornament a friend of Lesley's made!  Pages from a hymnal, a champagne cork...  It's almost like she knows me - this is perfect & I love it!

This swap was a lot of fun.  If it sounds fun to you too, be sure & check out the host blogs as they plan to do it again next year. 


  1. I love love your ornament! Yay so glad you liked this swap. Hope you will participate again next year!

  2. That's such a cute + unique ornament! :] And hooray for tea! That definitely seems to have been a popular one to send off (and rightfully so, especially in this weather! :P )