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Thursday, October 23, 2014

PlowOn Gum Review

PlowOn Gum is caffeinated energy gum, designed to boost your energy before a workout.  The gum comes in packs of five pieces, and the instructions say to chew one piece for five minutes, and if you aren't feeling energized within fifteen minutes to chew one more piece.  According to the label, one piece has 100 mg of caffeine, or about the same amount as a cup of coffee or an energy drink.  It also contains taurine, ginseng, and green tea extract, with spearmint for flavoring. 

I won three packs of the gum in a giveaway from another site I follow: Melinda's Weight Loss Journey.  I gave one pack to Josh to try, since he likes energy supplements when he works out.  He reported back to me that he chewed some before playing football with his friends, and that it was "pretty intense".  When I questioned him later after I had tried it too, I found out he actually chewed three pieces at once when he was already "hyped up" to play football.

I chewed one piece last Saturday morning while I was getting ready to go for a ten mile run.  Within ten minutes, I did feel more alert and energized, much as I would if I'd had a cup of coffee like I usually do in the morning.  Since I usually have coffee, tea, or something with caffeine every morning, I have to also do it on race day or I will get the dreaded caffeine-withdrawal headache. 

I'm not a fan of energy drinks, which mostly taste like a can full of chemicals in my opinion.  This gum did not have a chemical taste to it.  It does have artificial sweeteners in it, and I did notice a slight aftertaste from those.  It's very slight, though.  I usually cannot eat anything with artificial sweeteners, as those trigger migraines for me.  But the amount in the gum is so minimal that I didn't have an issue with it.  I would probably not chew more than one piece per day, though, just to be safe.

My rating on:
  •  Flavor - I like the taste of this gum very much.  Traditional spearmint gum flavor, with a slight tang, maybe from the ginseng.  I didn't really notice the artificial sweetener aftertaste until later.
  • Texture - Normal gum texture.  I'm not a big gum chewer, usually after the first few minutes or so I have to spit my gum out because it feels blah after that.  But since this gum only needs chewed for five minutes, it is fine for that long.
  • Energy - A good boost in energy and alertness, much like with any caffeinated product.  Since I don't usually do additional caffeine during my run, I didn't take any extra with me but stuck to my favorite Honey Stinger Energy Chews for that.
  • Packaging - Not really an issue since I didn't take it with me to chew on the run.
  • Bonus - I noticed when I started running that my mouth did not feel dry like it usually does.  Very nice!
 Overall, I give this gum an A!

Disclaimer: I did receive this product free in a promotional giveaway.  It was not, however, given to me in exchange for this review.  All opinions here are purely my own.

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