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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend Recap: a PR & a Parade

This weekend, Mark & Laura both PR'd at the Brevard White Squirrel Festival 10K (link goes to official results).  Mark's time was 50:11, 2nd in his age group, 20th overall and a PR by 5 seconds.  Laura's time was 51:54, she won her age group, was the 5th woman & 27th overall, and PR'd by 2:21!

She said the course is hard but fun - it's the same course they use for the Halloween race in Brevard - and credits the speed work she's been doing for her faster time.  She's trying her best to talk me into running it with them next year.

I would love to run in Brevard - I went to college there for 2 years - but she said the race is always Memorial Day weekend, and I can't imagine spending Memorial Day weekend anywhere but Indianapolis.

There I am!
I didn't run yet this weekend - I plan to run 11 miles tomorrow and then start tapering for the Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon.  I didn't run on Saturday because I volunteered at the 500 Festival Parade.  I've volunteered for the parade many years, starting when Josh was in Cub Scouts where he helped set up chairs before the parade and put them away afterwards.  When he grew up, I missed being involved, so I started volunteering.  I've done water stations for the marching band, and I've been an usher - checking tickets and helping people find their seats.

Some of the celebs
This year, I decided to be in the parade, so I signed up as a flag carrier.  I had expected to be carrying a flag and walking the entire parade route, but it turned out that I only held a 3-story flag in place during the opening number in the TV Zone.  There were 3 songs, with dancers and cheerleaders, then we carried the flags to the end of the block and we were done.  At first I was disappointed to find out we would not be in the rest of the parade, but then I realized it meant I got to watch the parade, and from the best spot I've ever watched it - the TV Zone.

Next weekend, Cindy's got a night race - the Catchin' Fireflies 5K on Friday.  I will be volunteering at Indy Pop Con.  No idea yet what I will be doing, but I'll blog about it next week.

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