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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Treadmills: Maybe They're Not That Bad

Another snow day
When better than a snow day to blog about treadmills?  Lots of runners call them dreadmills, & I've probably said that once or twice myself.  But since I committed to start training for the Mini with Team Blue Mile, and we have had LOTS of snow days so far this year, I have been hitting the treadmill at the Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center twice a week.

Treadmill selfie
At first I really struggled - running 30 minutes on the treadmill seemed a lot harder than running 30 minutes outside.  But I wasn't out of breath, my legs weren't tired, & I wasn't in any pain anywhere; so why was I struggling?  After really thinking about it, I realized it was because I was bored.

I switched from listening to music to an audio book, but even though it was a really good book it still didn't change anything.  Then I tried a funny podcast, and listening to something funny seems to work for me.  So there's my first suggestion: change up what you are listening to and see if that helps.  Here in no particular order are a few of my fave podcasts (links go to their websites, but all are also available on iTunes):

  1. Brant Hansen from Air1
  2. Nerdist
  3. Nerd Lunch
  4. Nurture and Support
    Workout summary
My second suggestion is to change up what you are doing.  I read an article which I can't find now to link to, but it said that you get a lot more out of a treadmill workout by varying the speed and/or incline every few minutes.  You can find plans online, use a preprogrammed workout on the treadmill, or do what I've been doing & just watch the timer & change the speed, incline, or both every 2 minutes.  It really does make the workout seem faster, definitely more interesting, and more challenging physically.

I still much prefer running outside, but I no longer hate the treadmill. Anyone else?


  1. I haven't been on a treadmill in a long time, but I'm sure with all the training I'm doing this year, I will be on one at some point. I will let you know!

  2. I start with the incline on 2.0 or so at a relatively easy pace. Every 10th of a mile I increase the speed. As I need to, I lower the incline. Once I've finished each mile I reduce the speed (but not as low as it was before) and increase the incline. The time flies. :)

    1. Good suggestions Anonymous! I've been changing based on time, not mileage, but I might try it that way too.