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Monday, January 20, 2014

Team Blue Mile Spring Training Has Begun!

We met this past Saturday at the Broad Ripple Blue Mile store for our first Spring Training run.  Calling it Spring Training in the middle of winter must be a mind-over-matter thing.  It was 14 & flurrying, but there was a large turnout.  It's nice that we meet inside to listen to the trainers, before heading out to run.  I can handle the cold as long as I keep moving - it's just that standing around waiting outside that is miserable.

I can tell I'm really going to get a lot out of this training.  If you shop at Blue Mile, you already know how approachable & helpful the staff are, and the trainers are just the same.  It's not too late to join if you are interested in training for a Spring race - click here.  After meeting the trainers & going over the program & some of the upcoming sessions, we headed out to walk or run the Monon.

My half marathon running program had me doing an easy 30 minutes or 2 miles, although I ended up doing 41 minutes/3.9 miles.  I was enjoying the run so much I didn't want to turn around & head back.  I didn't even mind the flurries!  Running is really giving me a new appreciation for Winter.  I hadn't been on this part of the Monon Trail in years - it's really very pretty in the snow.  And may I say kudos to the city of Indianapolis for keeping the Trail plowed & salted.  How awesome is that?  There were a few slick spots on the bridges, but overall it was very nice.

After the run, it was back to the store for some water, informal chat time, & having any questions answered.  8am on Saturdays may not be my preferred time for running, but knowing how much I enjoyed this first training will make it that much easier to get up & go next time.

A quick word on layers, because you know how I like my workout clothes.  I've always heard you should dress for 10 degrees warmer than actual temperature when you run.  Well 14 + 10 still equals very cold!  So, I wore my favorites and I was plenty warm: base layer of Cuddl Duds under Nike ThermaFit pants and Nike HyperWarm running top.  Topped by a down vest, Lady Hagen gloves (I know that's a golf brand, but outside is outside & they are very warm), and my favorite pink sparkly Nike sock hat.  I was perfectly comfortable for a 3 mile run, though I might have wanted to shed the vest if I was going on a longer run.

I'm looking forward to next week, and to getting to know some of my fellow runners & walkers.

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