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Monday, October 19, 2020

Train to Busan

Last week's movie was Train to Busan.  This is a 2016 movie from South Korea, and it is excellent! 
"Damn train!" - the zombies, probably
Intense and scary action, characters you care about, and real drama.  For me, Teresa, this was my first time watching it.  I'm not going to spoil it for anyone since it's still fairly recent; I'm just going to tell you to definitely go watch it.  And have some Kleenex nearby when you do.  It's free to stream if you have Amazon Prime.  If you have seen it, message me, because I really feel the need to talk to someone about it right now.

The zombies in this movie are very fast, and strong.  Infected people also turn super-quick, so one zombie becomes an entire train car full in almost no time.  In an interesting twist, they don't seem to be able to see in the dark, nor can they smell live humans.  So we don't have to be fast necessarily, we can sneak past them in the dark if we're very quiet.


I ran 15.25 miles this week, and pedaled another 46.55 miles on my stationary bike.  Not a whole lot of mileage, but with November Project Homecoming going on, I was active every day.  In addition to our normal workouts, Nick led an intense boxing workout that left us all sore, and Steph led another yoga session that was very needed.  We also went fowling again, and I'm definitely getting better.  If I can't outrun the zoms, maybe I can take them out by throwing footballs at them!  And I probably wouldn't be able to outrun these zombies.  I can put on a short burst of speed when I see the finish line, but I can't sustain it long.  Speed work is about my least favorite thing to do, but since we don't know what form the zombie apocalypse will take, I should get back to it.  Pre-Covid I had been doing weekly speed work on Monday evenings with Badass Lady Gang, but our in-person workouts are still on hold.  It's too bad, because I was actually starting to see some improvement.  Group workouts are about the only way I'm going to do speed work.  On my own, I'll just keep logging miles at my comfortable pace.

Was I Last? Unknown

Julie & I ran/walked the Indy Pride Virtual Rainbow 5K on Saturday.  Since runners have until October 31 to complete the run and submit their times, results aren't published yet.  We didn't see any zombies on our run, fast or otherwise.  In fact, Brookside Park was almost deserted, even though it was a beautiful day.  


Laura & Mark ran the Quest for the Crest 10K on Sunday.  About 2,000 feet of climbing up Mount Mitchell and back down, all technical trails.  Mark was the 15th male finisher, with a time of 1:27:11, and Laura was 8th female, with a time of 1:38:20!  Excellent finish times!  They'd probably stand a good chance of outrunning these zombies, especially on single-track trails.  The zoms may be fast, but they're not smart or coordinated, and they often trample over each other and take each other out.


Little sis is having a hard time getting motivated this month, and so zombies are all over me (except that I can be quiet and move around in the dark!)  Scott and I didn't get back into our house to stay due to the septic problems until Saturday.  So I did have another week of lots of stairs...still some leg strengthening!  

This Week

Next up:  Zombieland, a fun take on zombies!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Warm Bodies

 Last week's movie was Warm Bodies, a slightly different take on the zompoc.  This movie is told from the zombies' point of view.  Eight years post-apocalypse, most humans are living in walled cities,
occasionally venturing out to search for supplies  and resources.  There are actually two types of zombies in this movie. The first are Corpses - the more recently deceased who shamble around looking for living creatures to eat.  They can still think somewhat, although they don't remember much about their life, they do know they were once alive.  Though they mostly shamble and wander, when they see living creatures and feel that fierce hunger, they move much faster and attack with surprising strength.  The other kind of zombies are Boneys.  They've been dead much longer, and are basically animated skeletons.  They still eat the living, but they no longer have any connection to being human.  They're much faster and stronger than Corpses, and are dangerous to both humans and Corpses.


Back to more normal activity for me.  I ran 24.08 miles this week, pedaled another 66.35 miles on my stationary bike, and did 95 burpees.  I also took a Yoga for Runners class that Steph did as her final project for her yoga teacher certification.  She's a fantastic teacher, and I got a lot out of the class.  I really should do yoga more often. As far as specific benefits to fighting off zombies, it helps with core strength, flexibility, and staying injury-free.  It definitely wouldn't do to pull a hamstring or have IT band issues while being chased by a pack of zoms.

Was I Last?  No!

Thursday was Run(317) Fountain Square, the final Run(317) event this year.  Even though I
stopped halfway through the race and had a White Claw at Sarah's open house, I still finished 452nd out of 568 runners.  The zombies would have a lot to eat before they ever caught up to me.
This is my 5th year being an Ambassador for Run(317).  I have always enjoyed promoting these races and helping out at the events.  No race expos to work this year, and two of the five races had to be virtual, but it was still a privilege to be part of this team and help to bring these safe and fun events to Indy.


Laura was too busy to give us an update this week - hopefully we'll catch up next week.


I have been doing lots of flights of stairs this week.  The hotel that Scott and I are staying at now while dealing with our septic issues has lots of stairs, and we're on the 3rd floor.  I know that's not too high, but I've been intentionally walking the stairs a lot.  And at least half of the time I am carrying a 15-20 pound dog, whether going to the house with our Honey or just taking her out to the hotel yard.  She is blind, and although she can do a few stairs, I wouldn't let her try several flights multiple times a day.  I especially feel I wouldn't be eaten this week with Warm Bodies zombies helping keep the Boneys at bay and my legs getting stronger with the stairs.  I've seen quite a few people who don't seem to do much but step out on the balcony and stand the Boneys and even Corpses would go for them!

This Week

We're going to watch Train to Busan, a South Korean zombie movie that I (Teresa and also Cindy) have never seen, but it's on every list of top zombie movies so I'm interested to check it out.  This week is also November Project Homecoming Week!  If you're in Indy, definitely come get fit and have fun with us!

Monday, October 5, 2020

Night of the Living Dead

Last week we watched George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, the groundbreaking 1968 movie that contributed a lot to what we now accept as common zombie knowledge - zombies as reanimated recently dead that eat the living and can only be killed by destroying the head.  The zombies in this movie don't run, but they don't exactly shamble either.  They walk at a pretty good pace.  They're also smart enough to use tools, like using rocks to break the car windows to get at Barbara.  One or two zombies can be easily fought off, but a large group is definitely a threat.  If you find a safe place to hole up, though, like Ben does in the cellar of the farmhouse, they will eventually give up trying to get in and wander off.


This was a low mileage week for me: only 11.35 miles running, and 55.91 miles on the stationary bike.  Thursday I got my second shingles shot, and as with the first one the shot made me really sick for about a day and a half, so there was no working out at all on Friday or Saturday.  If the zombie apocalypse happened at the end of this week, I would've had to hole up in my basement and wait it out, because I would not have been able to outrun Romero's zombies.  However, I'm now better prepared for the future, as I don't have to worry about being incapacitated by shingles once the zombie outbreak begins.  Just before my shot I did a short run through my old neighborhood & by this little family cemetery, and I didn't see any signs of the dead returning, so it seemed like a safe time to get vaccinated.

Was I Last?  Yes and No.


I had a couple of timed events this week.  On Monday, along with several other Run(317) Ambassadors, I ran the Fountain Square course to demo the RaceJoy app for runners who will be doing it virtually.  I wasn't last because we all stuck together to see how the app was working, so I would've had company if the dead started coming for us.  Wednesday was Race Day at November Project, and I was last.  But Colleen joined me for my last 8 burpees, and she and Blake both ran with me on my final Up & Over, so once again I would've had help fighting off any zombies that caught me.


Laura ran the 48 mile Black Mountain Ultra Traverse, up Mount Mitchell, across the Crest Trail, and back.  Much of that at an elevation over 6,000 ft and temps in the mid 20s.  Night of the Living Dead doesn't address how zombies do in temps below freezing, but a lot of popular zombie fiction has the zombies shutting down & unable to function.  Also, since Laura won the masters female division, she definitely would've outrun any zombies that were still moving up there on the mountain tops.


I would have been last this week against Romero's zombies.   I have been dealing with septic issues and several days have not been able to stay at home; therefore, Ride Owltober is off to a slow start.  But a zombie could fall in the hole in the backyard if I was only being chased by one, or slip and fall in the water in the basement.   We'll try to find the positive in it! 


This Week 

We will be watching Warm Bodies this week, a much more contemporary romcom look at zombies, even personifying some that retain some of their personality. 

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Training for the ZomPoc

 We're restarting our blog, with a slightly different twist.  Each week, we're going to watch a zombie movie, and then analyze our training to see how/if it would help us if that particular zombie apocalypse happened.  If you're like us, you've gotten a little bit discouraged with training during 2020, since races seem to keep getting canceled.  This is a way to to keep us engaged & active; and if you want to play along, we'll let you know each week what movie we plan to watch.  Fast zombies, shambling zombies, rage zombies....   We hope to survive them all!

Catching Up  

YTD, Big Sis Teresa has run/walked/biked/hiked 3,170.69 miles so far this year.  That includes the Great Smoky Mountains Half, the Beaver Chase Urban Trail quarter marathon, Run(317) Carmel/Westfield and Speedway, and several virtual races.  Can zombies run that far?  I think not!


Cindy, Scott, and Teresa are all participating in Ride Owltober, a virtual challenge that encourages
people to get out & participate in whatever activity they enjoy, while raising money for Warren Wilson College men's & women's cycling teams.  We hope you'll join us!  Only $15 to get involved!

This Week

We're watching Romero's Night of the Living Dead   A classic that premiered the same year Teresa did, it still speaks to issues society is dealing with today. Going forward, we hope to share some of our fave zombie movies with you, and we're happy to entertain suggestions if you have some you'd like to share as well.   Please comment if you have any fave zompoc fiction you'd like us to train for!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Who's ready for the Inaugural 465 Challenge?

How long will it take you to finish the 53-mile loop around 465?!
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The Inaugural 53-Mile VIRTUAL 465 Challenge is an event conceived by Indianapolis-based Vision Event Management. Why 53 miles? Here's the skinny: Indiana Interstate 465 is a 53-mile loop around Indianapolis. As a kid, do you remember driving somewhere with your parents and imagining yourself moving on a map? Now, dig if you will a picture of yourself running, walking, biking, skateboarding, scootering or performing any physical activity of your choice for the 53-mile loop around the 465. THIS IS A VIRTUAL EVENT SO PLEASE DO NOT ACTUALLY STEP FOOT ON INDIANA INTERSTATE 465!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Love Letter to my Friends

Two years ago today I ran my first full marathon at the Carmel Marathon.  It was hot, painful, hard, and yet fun too.  I couldn't have done it without the support of so many friends:

  • Kathy came out to Blue Mile and ran with me on Saturdays while I was training;
  • the Fast Bottom Girls worked one of the water stops (around mile 15 or so I think) and ran with me for a little while;
  • Lindsey was at the Athletic Annex water stop around mile 19 and gave me some jelly beans and ran with me;
  • I met and ran with Jen (running her 120-somethingth marathon) from mile 20 to 24 and saw her again at the finish;
  • Jeanette was at mile 26 cheering and taking pictures;
  • Beth met me at the finish line with flowers;
  • and Matt & Tim were there in the gear check tent to congratulate me.

If you've never run a marathon, you can't imagine how mentally challenging it is.  I wanted to quit so many times, but having so many friends cheer for me and even run with me for a bit kept me going when I just wanted to lie down in the shade with a cold drink.  I remember thinking then that I was glad I picked Carmel for my first marathon since the support along the course that day meant so much to me, and that I was really lucky to have so many good friends in my life.  I had no idea how true that really was though.

Five days after Carmel, Kevin died of a heart attack, and my life went into a tailspin from which it still hasn't recovered.  And much like that marathon, I could not have made it this far without the support of so many friends.  So many times these past two years, I have just wanted to lie down and quit.  But every time I think I can't take another step, someone shows up with just what I need to keep going for a little bit longer.

I'm humbled and amazed and grateful to have so many wonderful friends in my life.  From friends I've known for over 20 years to friends I recently met.  I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I thank God every day for all of you, because without you I would be a complete basket case all the time, instead of just now and then.

I talk a lot on this blog about my running friends, but I have some pretty awesome coworkers too, and great friends at church, wonderful neighbors, internet friends, classmates from high school, summer camp & college....  I wish I could list everyone out, because I'm not sure you all know how much you help me, and some of you may not realize how much you matter to me.

So this blog post is for you.  If you've ever called me, texted me, run with me, gone to the movies with me, bought me a beer, snuck flowers into my office, given me a hug, given me a high five, listened to me cry, laughed at my inappropriate jokes, put up with my crazy mood swings, lent me a power tool, given me home improvement advice, sent me a card, met me for brunch, invited me out, stopped by to see me, or come to some event I organized:  Thank you.  I love you.

When you see me post #hazelstrong, know that it's just an abbreviation.  What I'm really saying is #hazelisonlystrongbecausesomanyfriendsarecarryingher

Thursday, February 16, 2017

PR Motivation

I set a new PR last weekend at the 500 Festival Miler Series 3 Miler - 38 seconds faster than last year!  It's a new course and no longer includes the loop with the hill on White River Parkway by the Zoo, but that can't account for all of it.  I'm definitely getting faster.  My watch shows I actually ran 3.21 miles at a 10:14 pace - I had to do a lot of weaving around walkers - but my official time was 3 miles in 32:45 at a10:45 pace.  I ran it in 33:23 last year, so that's an improvement of more than 12 seconds per mile.

I wasn't even planning to try for a PR.  I've been running a lot of miles lately to keep my 20 mile/week average, and the Friday night before the race I did a really hard incline/speed workout on the treadmill (thanks Brandi!), so I expected my legs to be tired, but I actually felt great.

I run a different strategy in a 3 miler or 5K than I do in a longer race.  I usually just go ahead and go as fast as I feel like running from the very beginning.  Not sprinting, but not holding back either.  I think in such a short race that if I try to hold back and pace myself, I will hold back too much and not have time to make it up, so I would rather go at the start, even if I slow down some at the end.  Most times I don't ever slow down, because once that VOICE starts trying to tell me I have to or I'll never make it, I'm usually already past halfway and I know it's lying.

Last weekend, though, I got a bit of an extra motivational push.  Just after halfway, I saw a guy two blocks ahead of me wearing a Duke shirt.  And this was only 2 days after Duke beat UNC in a very close game.  Sorry Dookie, your team might have beat mine, but you weren't going to beat me.  I kicked up my pace a little and passed the Duke fan, resisting the urge to trash talk in case he felt like pulling a Grayson Allen on me, and kept pushing all the way to the finish.  Dude never had a chance to catch back up.  I did look for him after the race to tell him how he motivated me, but I never saw him.
Ringing the PR Bell!

It's not just that race or dudes in Dook shirts.  I actually am running faster lately.  I didn't PR Sunday's Hook-Up 5K, but I came as close as I ever have when I wasn't being paced.  And tonight I ran my personal best at our Thursday Night Run Club: 10:45 pace including stoplights.  I don't know who swapped legs with me, but you can't have them back!  I'm sure I have a bad run coming up - they can't all be good - but lately I've felt really strong and I'm enjoying every run.

Side note on my outfit in the picture at the beginning: that is not what I wore in Saturday's race, although now I wish I had.  It's actually from last year's Race For Roofs, which was on the same day UNC played IU in the Sweet 16 (Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers went down 101-86, in case you don't remember).  The Race for Roofs has been moved from March to July this year, but I'm sure the outfit will make an appearance again sometime during March Madness.

Coming Up: The Polar Bear is this weekend!  I'm running The Bear (5K + 5 Mile), and the weather looks to be just perfect, so it should be a lot of fun.